This week I feel really accomplished. We have lived in our house for 3 months now and I hadn’t hung our pictures. I just felt like it was such a big commitment and I was really enjoying our blank walls. Something about having empty space feels so luxurious. But, when you don’t have any family photos in your home, it also feels impersonal. I decided to group them all in a gallery in one corner for now, maybe eventually they will spread throughout my home. I do think Gwen needs some for her bedroom but I have to find a good one of our family for that.

I got the frames very inexpensively from Ikea and World Market, the G is from Joann Fabric.


Another thing I had been planning on doing was making a crib sheet for Gwen. I hadn’t really found a sheet that I liked except for a $60.00 one on Etsy. I do have a sewing machine and she is just going to poop all over it anyway so I figured I may as well make my own. I also ended up making bumpers because she learned how to roll over (as you saw in my last post.) Her chubby legs were getting wedged between the bars on her crib. Here is the tutorial I used for the crib sheet: http://viewfromthefridge.com/sew-a-crib-sheet-baby-3-gets-bedding/ I just made the bumpers from scratch, I’m sure there are tutorials out there but they are really just straight sewing, some ribbon to tie them on the bed and 4x folded quilting batting to make them soft.


I found the perfect, adorable vintage fabric for $5. The bumpers and the sheet in total cost me $23 for batting, elastic, fabric and ribbon.


Here we are at the Chalk the Block in the Riverwoods, the chalk art was awesome!


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